Counseling Services

Catholic Social Services: 215-587-3555

Pregnant and in need?  1-800-712-HELP  (

Homeless and pregnant?  1-800-723-8331 (

Hurting from an abortion?  (

Attention, Men:

One of the biggest issues that destroys our own happiness, and rips apart marriages and families is pornography. It’s estimated that 60-70% of men are engaging porn with some frequency. If this is an issue you or a loved one deals with, we have a powerful solution for you. It’s called STRIVE and it’s an ANONYMOUS 21-day challenge that men all around the world are taking to break free from pornography.

The normal cost is $49, but STRIVE is being provided for FREE for a limited time for all of the men of the parishes. All you need to do is sign up at and you can begin right away.