From the Pastor

A friend of mine often jokes that once you hit the Fourth of July, Summer is over.  I can see why he says this.  Case in point: school supplies are already filling shelves at some of our local shops, much to the dismay I’m sure of every teacher and student out there.

While I don’t want to rush the year along any faster than it is already moving (and it sure is moving FAST, am I right?), looking ahead to the Fall, I want to encourage everyone to mark their calendars now and save the date for two big events we have slated ahead.

On Saturday, October 1, we will have a Beef and Beer fundraiser and social. A DJ is lined up for music and dancing, and the committee is hard at work organizing the food.  This would be a great time to encourage family and friends who may have moved out of the parish to come back and visit Holy Cross.

On Saturday, November 5, the Craft Fair makes its return to Holy Cross.  I’ve heard great things about craft fairs in the past, and I am thrilled that we’re able to bring it back.

Those are both a long way off, but they’ll get here before you know it.  As we get closer, we’ll have much more information about timing, ticket sales, and how you can help make these events a success.

Now back to things that are a little closer to the present.  This weekend, Deacon Bob Frankenberger celebrates his 96th birthday!  Happy Birthday, Deacon Bob!  I spoke with him the other day, and he is in good spirits as he adjusts to his new living situation.  He is grateful for all of your prayers, and I know he is praying for us.

Next weekend, our parish will welcome Fr. Celeste Madubuko who will be speaking to us as part of the Missionary Cooperative Appeal.  This year our parish has been asked to help support the Church in the Diocese of Onitsha in Nigeria through our participation in the Missionary Cooperative Collection.  Your generosity and support are appreciated.

Have a great week ahead.  And if you’re out shopping, ignore those back-to-school sales!

–Fr. Kiernan