From the Pastor

Over the past few weeks, when I would tell someone that I was being assigned to Holy Cross, more often than not, I would then hear “oh, that’s the church with the big statues and all the stairs.”  Yep, that’s us!  Let’s be honest, the front facade of our church is unique.  It stands out and is memorable to anyone: parishioner or visitor.  But over time, it’s gotten pretty dirty and has started to look a bit blah.  The statues in particular were getting pretty bad and were turning a dull gray and even black in some spots.  I think there was a general consensus that a good cleaning was necessary.

Fr. Wilson shared that sentiment and a couple months ago started to get quotes to have the facade cleaned.  He got transferred before the work could start, so after I arrived, we contacted the company with the best bid to arrange for it to happen.  The project started this past Monday.  As I’m writing this, it’s still a work in progress, but the change in appearance just from the pre-treatment is already noticeable.  In fact, we’ve already gotten some calls from people who’ve already noticed the work as they were driving by.

Now for the tricky part: paying for it.  The bill is going to come to several thousand dollars. We do take up a regular collection for maintenance and repairs, but we’ve had some other significant facilities expenses recently that will eat that up and more. For example, the air conditioning in the church went on the fritz and has required a few thousand dollars in repairs to keep it chugging along—absolutely essential in the blazing hot days we’ve been having!  Our options were either to defer the cleaning for several months or a year, or to go for it and see if we can’t raise a little extra money to help with the expense.  We went for it.  After all, we don’t want to be known all over the place as “the church with those tired and dirty statues and the dingy stairs!”

And now we need your help.  We’ve created a special “Freshen our Facade” Fund.  There are envelopes for this fund at the entrances to the church if you’d like to make a special gift to the parish to offset the cost of this project. Donations can be placed in the collection basket or mailed in or dropped off; just make sure we know that it’s for this fund.  You can also help by spreading the word to friends and Holy Cross Alumni and seeing if they might like to contribute a few dollars to the effort.

As we emerge from the pandemic and see more people returning to Mass, it will be nice to do so in a building that looks fresh and clean from the outside.  You can help us keep up our reputation for having a recognizable, memorable, and beautiful church building that will continue to impress visitors and parishioners for years to come.  Thank you in advance for your support!

Fr. Kiernan