From the Pastor

Maybe it was that time that I was away for a few days visiting my Aunt Velma and Uncle Mort in Albuquerque.  I don’t know, but what I do know is that I definitely missed the class on videography in the seminary.  In our current crisis with its social distancing, the whole world has now embraced the closeness of social media.  This most definitely includes the Church as well.  Although, many parishes have longed embraced such media, today everyone darn near has a media presence as parishes attempt to fill the void of no pubic Masses momentarily.  This includes yours truly.  Well, all I can say is that I’m trying my best.  There have been a few folks involved and helping out.  Of course, top on the list is a certain young man named Andrew not yet out of his teens that has provided the technological know-how.  Thank you, Andrew!  Certainly the office staff has been of great assistance and then there is Deacon Tom and Deacon Bob who have quickly adapted to certain logistics in filming the Mass.  I am adapting as well as best that I can – and learning in the process.  Smartphone’s make filming rather easy today.  All of us certainly know that.  However, there are other considerations as well such a memory space on one’s phone, processor speed (I don’t have the newest phone), background noise, and having the phone even and at the proper level for recording.  Then, there is the recording device itself:  a smart…phone!  It was in the middle of the proclamation of the Gospel on Tuesday after Deacon Bob had beautifully intoned the verse before it (I love Deacon Bob!) that I received a call.  No, I didn’t answer it, but pushed the decline button.  What I didn’t realize immediately was the recording wasn’t just momentarily interrupted, but that recording stopped completely!  Only when the phone, inactive for about five minutes, automatically shut off, did I notice the problem.  Too bad!  It was a great homily!  The recording was restarted at the beginning of the Eucharistic Prayer – and later uploaded as “Part 2.”  These are for sure surreal times in which we’re all learning something new, adapting, and adjusting while praying hard that things soon return to some normalcy.  I’m learning that I have to switch my phone to “airplane mode” while taping Mass.  In a certain sense, maybe all of us are learning to live right now in “airplane mode” hoping that this “turbulent flight of corona” that we’re now on soon comes in for a landing and that finally, we get all of our connections back.


Remember:   Pray for the sick.  Pray for a containment of the virus.  Pray for a vaccine.  Turn especially to Our Lady.  We know that the Lord can hardly turn down a request made by His Mother!

Our Lady of the Holy Cross!  Pray for us!


Fr. Wilson